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How to save for loli

Just thought of this...

I never knew what the Paypal balance was for, if it's so easy to Instant Transfer...
And then I thought of how I want to pay for Lolita once I start working again, how to save just $100 a month... $25 a week...
It's obvious!
Just put that money directly into my paypal after each paycheck!
Then it's ready to go for any purchases!
Totally gonna do this...

Getting back on a bit

Not really trying to "revive" this journal, just getting back into Lolita. Cool to see classic's coming back around. OTT classic! What a concept! (2010 rori flashbacks)

Made a cute little wishlist of things I'll need to get my loli game on:

  • Chunky off-brand sandals, like these (maybe a little too strappy), or these, or these (not a fan of the cork platforms tho), or even these (same deal)

  • Gonna make some bloomers. So I want some eyelet scalloped-edge fabric from this etsy store

  • I need a black cupcake-shaped petti for an existing skirt. Luckily In The Starlight opened back up during my absence.

  • I need a shorter a-line petti to go under an empire-waisted JSK. After much egl archives searching, I think I'll need someone more slip-like than petti-like. Or even a pretty under-skirt. (that I can just make). But even considering purchasing a terrible Leg Avenue "Crinoline skirt" for occasional poof-boosting needs (none must know...)

  • Hatboxes. For hats. And big ones for pettis.

  • Bracelets and lace cuffs. I have long arms.

  • A chiffon or double-gauze blouse. Either long sleeved or cap sleeves. Off-brand is okay.

  • A wig! Dolluxe caught my attention with their Gothic Lolita Wigs series. I think a brown-tone Rhapsody wig would be really versatile! Especially for classic/art-loli/dolly-kei looks <3

  • More makeup/skills for my dolly-cute looks ~

Now for some "dream" items/goals...

  • Something by Triple Fortune. Been in love with their stuff since 2009. I don't care what it is as long as it will go on my head and make me look like a creepy porcelain doll...

  • A "lolita corner" to call my own. Like a little spot in my bedroom with a decorated full-length or vanity mirror, a rack for accessories, wall-mounted wig stands, a little seating cushion... <3




When you subculture is deemed museum-worthy

Well, I guess it's lolita's turn. Punk/goth/otherwise sartorially-deviant ancestors, we take your baton with noble reverence.

Tomorrow, I am going to be an Ambassador of Lolita: I'm volunteering at a tea-party. A Museum@FIT sponsored, exhibit-related tea-party. And all sorts of fancy people who made reservations for this are going to be my somewhat captive audience. I am to be a living museum exhibit. Hopefully it will be more like being the local expert instead of being a zoo animal. >_> Most people won't know much about lolita - many will make the Nabokov association. And I'm not sure how I'm going to respond to that - in the past, I've always immediately countered with "no, no, they have nothing to do with each-other". But lolita is in the eye of the beholder, and whether you wear it because you "never got to be a child", dislike attention from men, enjoy the irony of (an increasingly sexualized) "little girl" aesthetic, or even if you just like the frills, you're wearing a petticoat in 2010, and it's not Easter or your first Communion. And apparently, this fashion anomaly of ours has been deemed important enough to be featured in a 30-year retrospective of Japanese fashion - from Issey Miyake to h.Naoto, in a well-known museum.

Does this mean that we became part of a revolution and didn't even realize it? So much so that we barely noticed when we transcended subversion and hit mainstream (as our sartorial ancestors also experienced?)

Doubly strange is how much I've actually fallen out of the global Lolita community recently. I don't remember the last time I visited egl . Am I even worthy to speak intelligently about the State of Lolita Union? My most recent observation is how many of us are moving *away* from strict lolita, beginning to incorporate ideas from (or switch entirely over to) other Japanese street fashion styles, especially Dolly Kei. Or maybe I'm simply noticing that in myself. xD Either way, fashion has its seasons, and Lolita will not last forever. It's too extreme. However, it will not simply disappear - it is evolving and shall continue to do so, absorbing and being absorbed by other styles, just like all the esteemed Others before us.
So, during this morning's scholarship search, I stumbled upon BrickFish.com, a social networking site that specializes in fashion-related contests. I realized that their "Earth Day Your Way" contest would be a great way to earn a small scholarship AND get the word out about TeeWrex. So if you've wanted to support TeeWrex, but you can't buy one just now, you can VOTE for my entries and help me win and get the word out! Show me some love!Collapse )

Apr. 3rd, 2010

So, andrewperson  and I were strongly encouraged by a dear friend  to start our own blogs! Andrewperson's is about her various vintage collections , whereas mine is daily updates and discussions on my artistic endeavors. :D Do check them out... they are our first steps towards our epic fashion brand! ^^v

And don't worry, I'm keeping up with this and my DeviantArt journals... this new one will be for art, while my LJ is for personal things. My DA journal is mostly for updating my watchers there. :3

I love you all dearly!


P.S. If you were interested in the Ideal Beauty Experiment, let me know if you have anything you'd like to submit!! ^^

Marquis of Vaudeville Costumes Update!

Wow, it's been forever since I posted huh? Since we last talked, I've gone on vacation and attended All-con, which I SQUEE'd over here.

A most successful day was had by all...Collapse )
Hey, guys! Things are going... interestingly. I saw Marquis of Vaudeville again (costumes are CONFIRMED! Dream job, dream job... ^o^ ) in concert, so that was fun. I also saw the Polysics, and even though I didn't get to wear my costume , we had a great time. Only 30-40 attendees and it was an amazing show! My neck hurt for days, but it was totally worth it. \m/>o<\m/

In other news, I've been listening to Versailles and BT's new albums, and they are both amazing. BUY, don't bitTorrent.

I cut up the shirt I got at the Polysics concert. It's... really unusual for me. I don't even know *what* it is now, other than that I wear it on my upper torso. xD Pictures of that, as well as my new Alichino cosplay and Tee-wrecks!

Also, I saw the Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus, and I still need to see Avatar. And "Back to the Future". >_>;

The first few Ideal Beauty Experiment pictures are up! I'm always open to new ones. :D For more info, go here.


This is an experiment that asks the question, "Who is beautiful to you?" Depict the most beautiful person you can imagine, and we'll compare them. Details here. I think it will be interesting to see what kinds of ideals and patterns show up. I'm sure not everyone's ideal is a tall, skinny, young Caucasian woman.

My boyfriend think that Native Americans are beautiful. The strength that seems to flow from their chiseled faces, craggy and lined like the American mountains and mesas. What do you think? I'm mostly looking for artwork or poetry, but go on to the DA Article and discuss there. :3

T-wrecks: Would YOU buy one?

*Re-posted from my DeviantArt Journal*

Hi guys! I just finished two more "T-wrecks" - Band/concert shirts that have been re-fitted and modified. This was my first attempt, and I did some major reconstructive surgury on these two new ones. These are for the bands Disciple and Marquis of Vaudeville (couldn't find a t-shirt image ^^; ), the same band I'm designing the costumes for. Until I get these photographed and uploaded, you can have fun guessing what I could have possibly done to these poor shirts... ;)

So, here's the question: Would you be interested in a service where you send me your band/concert/favorite t-shirt, we agree on a design/modification, and I cut and sew it up, starting at $50? I've made tee-shirts into tote bags, too. The design could involve as much extra fabric (or as little fabric) or embellishment as you want! And it's not just for girls, either! I can do a design that won't compromise your masculinity at all. xD

This is going *way* beyond the "Generation T" and "99 ways to modify your t-shirt" set. This is taking a simple printed tee-shirt and turning it into a one-of-a-kind piece of wearable art. And don't worry about losing the cool printed design. We'll work together to make you something that looks exactly how you want it to.

I specialize in punk/goth modifications, but I could honestly do anything from Steampunk to 1950's to Lolita to Military-style. Don't worry if the tee is already tight-fitting... I can enlarge it using creative methods that enhance the design.

Let me know in the comments if you'd be interested!

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